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Forest Stand Delineation

A Forest Stand Delineation is required in Maryland for an application for subdivision or grading or sediment control permits on areas greater than 40,000 square feet. A forest stand delineation for the entire site is prepared by a licensed forester, licensed landscape architect, or other qualified professionals that may be approved by the State or a local authority in the manner required by the approved program.

A forest stand delineation is used during the preliminary review process to determine the most suitable and practical areas for forest conservation. A forest stand delineation shall contain the following components:

  • A topographic map delineating intermittent and perennial streams, and steep slopes over 25%;
  • A soils map delineating soils with structural limitations, hydric soils, or soils with a soil K value greater than 0.35 on slopes of 15% or more;
  • Forest stand maps indicating species, location, and size of trees and showing dominant and codominant forest types;
  • Any other documents necessary to document the type, extent, and condition of the forest type or types found on the site