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ECSI staff have been conducting fisheries research since 1974. We have the typical sampling equipment for estuarine, riverine, lake and pond collection of fish. This gear includes 12' and 16' otter trawls, push trawls, numerous seines from 10' to 300', blocking nets, gill nets, and trapnets. ECSI also has two electrofishing boats and a backpack shocker.

ECSI staff have conducted many studies to determine the spacial and temporal distribution of fishes We have conducted gear efficiency studies to evaluate the effectivness of different sampling methods.

ECSI staff have monitored fish passage at 12 fish ladders in New Jersey and Delaware.



ECSI conducted a walleye spawning utilization study using electrofishing in the Black River near Watertown, New York.


ECSI conducted a white perch mark recapture study using coded wire tags to determine the population in the Delaware Estuary.