Consulting Services, Inc.



Ecological Services  

Over the past 38 years, Environmental Consulting Services, Inc. has been providing aquatic and terrestrial monitoring and assessment services in the Mid-Atlantic region. The company maintains a professional staff, a fleet of vessels, and appropriate equipment for sampling and analysis of the biological and physical resources.

ECSI's extensive experience in Aquatic Studies include sampling, identification and assessment of fish, reptiles, amphibians, ichthyoplankton, micro- and macro-zooplankton, benthic invertebrates, and phytoplankton. Terrestrial Studies include assessments of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and plants. ECSI conducts assessments and restorations of communities and habitats in aquatic, wetland and upland environments habitats for rare, threatened, or endangered species.

ECSI projects include monitoring and assessment of industrial water utilization, waste water disposal, power-line right-of-ways, land development, channel and marina maintenance, extractive use of sands and gravels, site rehabilitation, and remedial mitigation.

In addition to professional expertise, ECSI provides boats, sampling equipment and monitoring instrumentation. We maintain a fleet of boats ranging from 12 to 35 feet for sampling in pond, lake, river and estuary environments. We maintain electro-fishing equipment, trawls, seines, gillnets, and trapnets for fisheries sampling. We have plankton nets, pump-samplers, and stationary plankton traps. ECSI uses a variety of benthic and sediment sampling and coring equipment. ECSI also maintains equipment for sampling water chemistries, measuring currents, and logging temperatures.